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Dog Park Etiquette

dog in a field of  grass


Penrose Apartments is pleased to be a pet-friendly apartment community here in South Arlington, VA. We even feature an on-site dog park for you and your furry friends to enjoy. Try these ideas and tips for dog park etiquette to make it a great experience for everyone.


Get your pet ready.

Community areas are great because they allow you to get to know others while participating in an activity you’re both interested in (in this case, giving your pet a breath of fresh air). But this also means your pet should be prepared, physically and socially, for being around others. So know your pet and prepare them for being around other animals and humans. Always keep your pet up-to-date on vaccinations and keep them home if they’re sick! Know when to hold back and stay in or away from others if your pet is anxious.


Exercise elsewhere.

It may seem like the perfect spot to give your pet a run, but a dog park should actually be a supplement to a pet’s daily activity, not the sole source of exercise or socialization, according to Jaymi Heimbuch on MNN’s article about 15 things humans do wrong at dog parks. She points out that dogs are best behaved when they are already exercised, so adjust your routine so you take a walk or run elsewhere before putting your high-energy pup near another high-energy one.


Clean up after your pet.

Messes are inevitable, but our pet park can stay a clean, healthy space for all to enjoy if everyone stays self-aware and cleans up messes as they occur. Plus, there’s nothing wrong with throwing away a piece of trash you happen upon. Carry disposable wipes to use as you do and you’ll make it that much more of a clean place for all.


What other dog park etiquette tips would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments so we can all strive to continue making the apartment community a safe and comfortable place for everyone. Thanks for reading!