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Easy Halloween Costumes that Will Be a Hit

couple in Halloween costumes

The month’s spookiest and frightfully delightful holiday is coming up! Spend the rest of the month preparing for your festivities in or out of your apartment at Penrose Square in South Arlington, VA — but don’t forget your costume! Try or get inspired by these ideas.

Black Panther

After the overwhelming popularity of Marvel’s Black Panther, it should come as no surprise that this costume will be one of the top picks this year. Be sure to order yours before they sell out or get creative and make your own version of this stealthy and sleek superhero costume.

Bread Winner

This is a great last-minute costume idea you can pull together with items you already have in your apartment. All you need for this simple yet totally clever costume is a medal, T-shirt, and loaf of bread. You might not win best costume, but at least you will have one! Plus, it’s sure to make people with a love for puns laugh.

Costumes with Makeup

If you’re handy with a makeup brush, you can make a truly outstanding costume without too much fuss. Check out how this person channeled Scar, try this pop art makeup tutorial, follow the directions for this mermaid makeup tutorial, or get inspired by this pixelated image art for a look everyone will be fawning over.


This costume is a show-stopper! It looks eerily real and complicated, but if you break it down into steps, you can pull this off in no time. The person posting this idea said in the comments that she used a translucent umbrella, pillow stuffing, and a battery pack to create the look of a portable thunderstorm. Sew beads on fishing wire to the umbrella to make the raining effect. Wear dark clothing to help the rain show up easier!

What are your best ideas for coming up with the perfect Halloween costume? What are your favorite costume or craft shops to find what you need to pull it off? Let us know in the comments! We hope you have a fun and safe Halloween and the rest of the month.


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