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Fun Holidays in September

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Welcome back to the Penrose Square Blog and welcome to September! This month you can find all kinds of fun and quirky holidays happening in the month of September. We have a list of some of these holidays for you to celebrate here in South Arlington, VA. Celebrate a holiday or two and enjoy!


Read a Book Day (September 6)

Reading is a relaxing pastime and is great for keeping your mind engaged. Celebrate by going to the Columbia Pike Branch Library, our nearest library. Check out one these new releases coming out this month. You could also pick up a classic book such as The Kite Runner or The Book Thief.


Chocolate Milkshake Day (September 12)

This is a delicious holiday that deserves to be celebrated! Who doesn’t love a creamy chocolate milkshake? Visit your favorite local ice cream shop If you don’t feel like going out, or make a shake at home with this delicious Homemade Chocolate Milkshake Recipe.

National Apple Dumpling Day (September 17)

National Apple Dumpling Day will get you in the mood for autumn in no time! Try out this delicious Crescent Roll Apple Dumplings recipe. It’s sure to please your friends and family. Visit your favorite South Arlington farmers market or grocery store to pick up the freshest apples. Enjoy! 


Hobbit Day (September 22)

This fun holiday marks the birthdays of Frodo and Bilbo Baggins, fictional characters from The Lord of the Rings. Some fun ideas for celebrating including throwing a hobbit-themed party, walking around barefoot all day, and eating seven meals instead of three. 

Confucius Day (September 29)

Confucius was a man who was estimated to have been born in 551 B.C. in China. He felt an obligation to bring good principles back to existence during a turbulent time in China. He believed in self-discipline as well as loving others and having compassion. Celebrate Confucius Day by living by one of his principles conveyed through his many quotes


What are your favorite September holidays to celebrate? Share them with the rest of our apartment community in the comments!


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