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Fun Thanksgiving Activities and Games

Family playing a board game
Thanksgiving is all about bringing people together to celebrate the holidays, being together, and appreciating our abundance. To ensure the time you have with your family and friends on Thanksgiving day is quality time, the Penrose Apartments Blog is sharing some fun themed games and activities for those lulls in between feasting.

Turkey Waddle Relay

Participants in this race must hold an inflated balloon between their legs as they race from one point to another without popping or dropping the balloon. They can only hold the balloon with their legs, no hands allowed. Everyone will have some great laughs from this game, whether they are playing or watching. You might want someone to video the race so everyone can watch it later and laugh.

Gratitude Photo Scavenger Hunt

Inspire gratitude by playing this game where players in teams race to find and take pictures with different things they are grateful for in a range of different categories. At the end, have everyone come together and share their photos with the different things they are grateful for.

Twenty Questions Thanksgiving Style

One player chooses someone or something related to Thanksgiving and the other players have to try to figure out what it is by asking only twenty yes or no questions. It’s a fun puzzle-solving game to stretch your mind.

Where is Mr. Turkey?

Players take turns hiding a cutout turkey around the apartment for other players to try to find. The player who hides the turkey can only say “warmer” or “colder” depending on if the person is getting closer or farther away from Mr. Turkey. Once a player finds Mr. Turkey, it becomes their turn to hide him.

What other fun Thanksgiving games and activities do you enjoy playing with family and friends during the holiday? Share them with us by leaving a comment on this post. We love to hear all your ideas! Thanks for reading our post. Have a fun and safe Thanksgiving in South Arlington, VA, or wherever you might be.


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