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Give Yourself a Mini Spring Break

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March is a great time of the year, but we’re often so busy with our normal everyday duties that we don’t always get to enjoy the season and the weather here in South Arlington, VA the way we want to. So this week the Penrose Apartments Blog is offering you some tips for giving yourself a mini spring break right in your apartment — a staycation of sorts!

Treat it like a real vacation.

Get everything in order before your break. Decide how long it will be, separate work or school from you-time, and begin with a clean apartment so you can enjoy your environment. Finish up any work or projects and don’t start a new one so you don’t have to worry about neglecting any duties while you relax.

Make it natural.

When deciding when your break will be, consider what already works well into your schedule. Ideal times for breaks are whenever you’re not obligated to do things, like weekends, but if that doesn’t fit for you, figure out what other days may work. Take a couple of days off if you have the resources, and let coworkers know if you’re taking any time off so you can take care of any responsibilities beforehand.

Set boundaries.

Allow yourself to disconnect from the world and relax by turning off your cell phone. Enjoy every moment and focus on whatever entertainment options you want to do so you can make the most of your time. If you’re bothered with any thoughts of your everyday responsibilities, don’t just dismiss them. Write them down on a sticky note or a notepad so your mind can then move on from them, knowing you can pay attention to your ideas later.

Treat yourself to a facial or a trip to a spa.

Facials and other spa-like care can do a lot to help you feel relaxed and refreshed, and they’re a great pampering activity to help you feel like the break is a special one. Head to Pinterest for homemade facials that will work for your skin type. After pampering yourself, get dressed up and go to dinner, a movie, a concert, the theater, or your favorite comedy club.

Enjoy the great outdoors.

Getting a breath of fresh air can be a nice way to spend your break. If the weather is warming up to your liking, visit a park or take a walk around our community to stretch your legs and enjoy a bit of nature.

Whatever other activities you decide to do, make it fun for you and it will be a great break! We hope you enjoy these tips and have a relaxing time that will get you ready for your next few weeks of tasks. Have fun!

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