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National Golf Month in South Arlington

image of someone wearing golfing shoes and putting a golf ball.

August is National Golf Month, so the Penrose Apartments Blog is bringing you some suggested golf courses near our apartment community here in South Arlington, VA. We are also sharing some golf history tidbits and game etiquette. Check out one of these courses this month and get your golf game on! We’ll start with some history followed by golf etiquette and local venues for golfing! 


History of Golf

Golf can be dated all the way back to 100 BC where a similar Roman game was played with a bent stick and a stuffed leather ball. The modern game we play now is generally traced back to Scotland in the 15th century. In 1744, the first rules of golf were set in Scotland. Scotland has many beautiful golf courses dating back for centuries. To learn more about golf and the rules and procedures of golf, refer to this R&A guide


Golf Etiquette

Etiquette while playing golf is also important. Have respect for the course you’re playing on by raking bunkers and replacing divots. Leave the course as you found it. Have respect for other players as well. Let other groups play through if they’re playing faster than your group. Learn the rules of the course you’re playing on as well in order to maintain the course and keep a peaceful and positive environment for other players.


Courses to Try Out

Check out this guide from Golfmax which includes the scoop on local golf courses listing how many holes, the courses website, approximate cost, online booking and more! It’s got more than four dozen venues listed — try a new-to-you course this summer.  


Where is your favorite place to golf in the area? If you ‘re not a golfer, have you considered taking lessons? We hope you enjoy your summer (with or without golfing) here in South Arlington! 


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