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Swimming Pool Safety and Games

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Penrose Square features a host of amenities that make every month here in South Arlington, VA enjoyable. Today we’re focusing on one: our apartment community swimming pool! Have a great time every time you visit by following some basic pool safety guidelines and even playing a game to switch things up. Today’s post features the basics to help you out!

Safety and Etiquette

  • Know your limits.
  • Remind children to stay in shallow ends of the pool, and avoid wading into deeper waters if you’re not comfortable doing so. Toeing the line is tempting, but it can lead to disaster quickly. Brush up on your CPR basics, swimming skills, and your physical abilities so you can act accordingly.
  • Always swim with a buddy.
  • Swimming alone is not a good idea. Accidents can happen even to young, strong, healthy people who are good swimmers. Bring a friend and stay present especially if you’re in charge of little ones. Always know where they are and intervene to help them be safe and have fun.
  • Be conscious of others.
  • It’s easy to feel like the pool is your domain when you’re having a great time in it, but it’s important to remember that this space is for everyone to share. Stay aware of others and encourage children to stay out of other swimmers’ personal spaces, to avoid splashing when others are within the line of fire, and to speak politely when interacting with others.

Swimming Pool Games

Dolphin Relay Race

Each team (or two individual racers) receives a beach ball. At the starting signal, each player works to move the beachball across the pool — with just their nose. This game may be played as a relay race with two teams. Anyone who uses their hands has to return to the starting line!  


A variation of land-lubbers freeze tag, this game consists of one person being and remaining ‘it.’ They swim after others, freezing them with a touch. Frozen players must remain immobile. However, if a player is underwater they cannot be tagged ‘it,’ and if they swim past a frozen swimmer (otherwise known as a ‘Popsicle’) while underwater they unfreeze them.


What other swimming pool safety and etiquette tips would you add to our list? What are your favorite games to play in the pool? Share your thoughts with the rest of us by leaving a comment! Thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy your time at our swimming pool this summer.


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