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Tips for Working Out in the Summer

Penrose Square Blog, South Arlington, VA  Get ready for a productive exercise this summer at our apartment community fitness gym by using these summer workout tips.


Summer may not officially be here in South Arlington, VA for another month or so, but the weather will be warming up soon enough! Stay active at Penrose Square by using our 24-hour fitness gym just steps from your apartment. Stay cool, inside or outside, by remembering these important tips for working out in the summer.


Dress for the occasion.

Working up a sweat, even in an air-conditioned indoor gym, in the summer can put extra strain on your body. But wearing lightweight, breathable fabrics in clothes that fit you (not too loose or too tight) can aid in the cooling down process. Opt for lighter-colored clothing and sunscreen to reflect and protect yourself from the sun’s rays, whether you’re near a window or you’re actually outside.


Refuel properly.

Staying hydrated will regulate your body temperature and keep you energized, so have a water bottle handy and refill it often to ward off dehydration. But also be aware of what foods you need to eat pre- and post-workout to stay healthy. points out that higher temperatures mean more sweat and major electrolyte loss. Supplement your water intake with foods that make up for sodium loss. Choose healthy sources without added sugars to keep the energy high.


Adjust your expectations.

Conditions may drastically affect your performance, and that’s ok! In fact, that’s to be expected if you’re to feel good about your efforts in any condition. Acceptance will lead to a productive, healthy, and fulfilling workout because it lets you embrace your abilities as they are and challenge yourself appropriately, instead of denying reality and overworking yourself.


So manage the strain that comes on your body well by realizing that an air-conditioned gym is different from the great outdoors (or even a hot area near a window). Give yourself a break and adjust your efforts to match reasonable expectations.


What other important things should people remember when working out in the heat? Let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks for reading! We hope you have a successful summer workout at our apartment community!


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